Here we have some FAQ's. If you dont find the help you require here, go to the #help room on the main chat rooms. 




Connection to Chat-Scene can be through 3 different programs. First of all you have the bog standard Java which is enable on most computers. Another option  is through a program or script called mIRC or we have the option to use lightirc. We wish to go through a few questions which you might have. 


How do i register my name?

On the main welcome screen there is an option on the menu bar at the top of the page, to  register your name. This is done through the java program and if in the future you wish to transfer to using mIRC. Your name is already registered.  You can also for quickness click here 


How Do I add colour font on Java? 

 At the bottom of the chat window there are a series of 5 icons. Using the last two of these you can alter the background colour and the foreground colour. 


How can I make the font appear larger?

This is done by clicking in the chat window with the right hand button of your mouse and selecting increase font in the  menu that appears.


How can I make the chat window larger ?

You have made the font bigger but now feel the chat window is too small and in order for you to make it bigger type /float into the message bar. You can increase the size of the pop up window by clicking on the maximise button at the top right hand corner (middle one). 


How do I add an avatar to my nick/name?

Adding an avatar to appear beside your nick is done by double clicking on your name in the user list on the right hand side and clicking on change avatar. A pop up window will appear with a variety of images. Choose the one you like and click ok. You dont see avatars on mIRC.


How do i block p2ps? 

On Java, Click  the first icon  at the  top left and select do not disturb or buddies only. On mIRC you will need a p2p blocker script

How Do I ignore a chatter?

Right click their name in list (on Java) then select ignore.

If using  mIRC  click the address icon across the top of  mIRC  select ignore and add their name and click ok.


How do i view chatters pics?



How do i submit my photo for inclusion?

Send an Email  to with your photo, giving your chat nick. 


How do i have coloured screen ? If you find the white background on the basic Java applet too bright we have alternatives available. By switching to the lightirc option on the website,, you can select from a few different coloured applets. 


What are the advantages of using Mirc?

1.Less cpu usage

2.It dosent require java to can be slow and sluggish.

3.No need to type in your name/password and colour font settings as IRC remembers them.

4.You can add scripts for things you need such as  blocking p2ps.

You can acquire scripts from 


Were can i get mIRC?

We at Chat-Scene have made this easy for you by creating  mIRC  ready for you to download and simply add your name and password, you can download here

Please Note: You must  go to #Help room and request irc access before trying to use Mirc on chat as you will not be able to connect to chat unless you have been allowed access.


How do I install mIRC?

Installing mIRC couldnt be easier. Click on the colour you require. We have a black version or a white version. The colours refer to the background contained with in the script. Download the zipped file. Find it in your files (usually the downloads.) right click and extract all files. Open the chat-scene script  file and scroll down to the application. Right click on the line of text with the mIRC red yellow and blue logo. Click on create shortcut and drag to your desktop. (you now only have to double click this to open mIRC in future). When you open mIRC for the first time you will be asked to input your password.  In the options file, (yellow file with hammer). Input your name and nick. Then ok. In the server tab ensure that the port number is 6667. You are now ready to connect. Click on the icon shaped like a lightning bolt. 


We here at Chat-Scene have our own dedicated radio station.


How do i connect to CS-Radio?

Click Here Then press play on the player or you can click a player icon and listen to it from your own player eg: winamp/windows media/realplayer.


How do i request a tune?

Any room in which the CSRadio bot is situated you can  type

~request song here  artist here

then  press enter, this will send your request to the dj.


If we haven't  managed to answer your question please join our #Help room and ask a member of staff for assistance.